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Presented below are a number of awards that we have been fortunate to receive.

Master Park and I wish to extend our thanks and appreciation to the grantors of these awards.

 We are honored by the grantors' consideration and generous endorsement
and wish to congratulate any fellow honorees that were likewise selected.

[ For our philosophy on awards, see our policy statement provided below:  Our View on Awards ]

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     Our View on Awards
There are a multitude of awards available on the internet today.  Many websites collect them like stamps, pogs, badges of honor, or souvenir cards -- figuring the more they have the more impressive their site will look.   We have viewed websites and homepages that display so many "awards" that they have effectively become overwhelmed and cluttered in the extreme.  This may be an artifact of the display restrictions imposed by some Award Grantors or it may simply be the result of poor placement by the website owners.  We will not allow this to happen to this website. 
Anyone can create an Award Logo and Program based on whatever criteria (good or bad) he/she wishes to impose.  Some appear to be a true attempt at providing a service to the community and providing legitimate recognition for websites that are a "cut above."  Others, appear to be just marketing gimmicks which perform a disservice to the community they actually profess to serve. 
On the one hand, receiving an award is great; there is no doubt about it.  But, on the other hand, receiving an award with "conditions" or "strings attached," or receiving an award that is available "just for the asking," is an entirely different matter.  We have indicated to various Award Grantors that displaying their award on our website says two things.  First, it says that they have reviewed our site and found it to be worth recognition -- this is very gratifying.  Second and no less important, it also says that we believe in the credibility of their award, that in our opinion it has obtained some measure of respect and recognition within the martial arts and internet communities, that we are honored to be included in the company of prior award recipients, and that we support their program by displaying their award logo on our site.  It does not matter to us that an award is based on the judgement of a single person, or on a panel of many, as long as there is an effort to maintain a fair, reasonable, pertinent, and consistent set of high standards as evidenced by current and prior honorees. 
We simply will not support someone's "marketing gimmick,"  nor will we agree to terms and conditions that we view as unreasonable, unnecessary, superfluous, or inappropriate.  To us, true awards are not "business deals," are not "just for the asking," and do not come with "strings attached."  For these reasons, there are Award Programs that we have declined to participate in.  We know this means that there are many awards we will never receive. 
This website was not created to win and display awards.  We created this website as a starting point to inform interested viewers, in the most forthright way possible, about the Pa Kua Chang (Ba Gua Zhang) of Lu Shui-Tian.  Keeping to the tenets of our motto, "Wisdom, Benevolence, Sincerity, and Bravery," our goal is to make Master Park's website the best site on the internet dealing with Pa Kua in particular, and martial arts in general.  We specialize in Pa Kua Chang (Ba Gua Zhang) and practice the Pa Kua method of Lu Shui-Tian and Master Park; this is what we study and this is what we promote.  As a matter of policy, we do not comment on other systems of martial arts, or even other styles of Pa Kua.  It would be presumptuous of us to do so.  All that we state is that we are unique, professional, and worthy of serious consideration by serious martial arts and Qi Gong (Chi Kung) practitioners.  It is left to the viewer to make the effort to discover the truth of this matter for themselves. 
As stated at the top of this page, Master Park and I both wish to extend our thanks and appreciation to the grantors of the awards displayed above.  We are honored to have received the indicated awards, and wish to congratulate any fellow honorees that were likewise selected.   Also, we wish to extend our thanks to each and every one of our contributors without whose support, whether large or small, this website would not have been possible.  We have approached the construction of this website in the same way that Master Park approaches Pa Kua Chang (Ba Gua Zhang) -- emphasizing  substance over style,  quality over quantity,  depth over dazzle.  We have received numerous Emails providing feedback that is overwhelmingly complimentary and supportive of our efforts.  The above awards are viewed by us as a further indication that our basic approach is right. 
We have tried, to the best of our ability, to review and understand the various awards programs, martial arts or otherwise, that exist on the internet.  We have reasons for displaying the awards that are shown above and reasons for not wanting to display certain other awards that exist.   It comes down to a matter of principle.  No website is perfect and no awards program is perfect.  In some cases, our decision to participate or not participate in a particular awards program came down to a judgement call on our part.  It is not our intention to imply that we are a definitive authority on any group or organization professing to provide a service to the martial arts and internet communities.  There are practices which are appropriate and we can support.  And, there are practices and programs we cannot condone, and will not support. 
In the end, the most important judges of this site are you -- the viewers, the students, the martial artists, the explorers, the researchers, . . . who visit this site looking to learn, and desiring simply two things:  knowledge  and  truth.  It is your assessment and judgement that counts most in our eyes.  And, it is your continued viewership and support that is the greatest award this or any website can achieve. 

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